[aquaria] Start of a 64bit patch

Pontos daemonpontos at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 15:57:15 EDT 2010

In core.cpp you should not define PATH_MAX but include the file 
limits.h, like i did on the patch i posted an hour ago.
#include <limits.h>

Also, your patch changes the same lines as mine regarding the use of 
int, but in the end the result is the same since i see that you made the 
type CrossSysInt to be "long" in the new header file you created:

#if defined(_WIN32)
     typedef int CrossSysInt;
#elif defined(_WIN64)
     typedef int CrossSysInt;
     typedef long CrossSysInt;

Why making it int only for Windows anyway? And as it is now the code 
wont compile for that platform, right?


On 6/3/2010 4:48 PM, Slyf wrote:
> Attached is the start of a patch for 64bit support.  For some reason 
> it renders all black for me, however the audio works fine.  Hopefully 
> this will be some help in fixing that issue.

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