[aquaria] Pets rebalancing suggestion

breversa breversa at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 10:14:47 EDT 2010

> I actually used the blaster pet for most of the game myself, except
> possibly for the last part of the abyss and the sunken city, where the
> monsters are somewhat harder to beat and the piranha seemed
> considerably more effective.

I'm currently playing the Sacrifice mod, where the first pet you get
is the blaster. And... I admit that I use it much more than the
nautilus I got since. Oh well, I guess it just has to be with the
first pet you get... :-)

> Instead, one thing that I was thinking about was the possibility to
> have more than one pet active at once. But maybe that would alter the
> game balance too much? Or there could be secret monsters like the
> current Simon Says that gives you the extra cooking dish, except that
> they would allow you to activate more than one pet.

Yes, I think it would alter the balance a bit too much. In my
understanding, Alec thought of the pets as "little helpers", not
"firepower boost" or "autofiring turrets" (à la "Raptor : Call of the
shadows"). :-P

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