[aquaria] Visual Studio naming conflicts

Chris Gelatt kreeblah at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 20:09:41 EDT 2010


I just checked out the Aquaria source today and was trying to compile it
with Visual Studio 2010 Express when I found I was getting a weird syntax
error on lines 360 and 363 of DSQ.h even though it looked fine to me.  I did
some checking and it turns out that InputMode, INPUT_MOUSE, and
INPUT_KEYBOARD in there are all already defined by Visual Studio.  So is
hash() in Base.h/cpp, as I later found.  After renaming those (along with
INPUT_JOYSTICK, for consistency), I was able to compile fine, so I wanted to
submit a patch for this.  I'm not sure what you'd eventually like everything
renamed to, but for this patch, I renamed things as follows:

InputMode -> AquariaInputMode
hash() -> aqhash()

I also noticed that OpenAL32.lib SDL.lib, and SDLmain.lib are referenced in
the cmake file, but they aren't actually in the repository, so those are in
this patch, too.
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