[aquaria] Patch to run Lua scripts as threads

Alec Holowka zaphire at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 04:51:02 EDT 2010

Sweet. :)

Yeah that sounds a lot more involved... It'll be interesting to see how this
affects performance!

On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 12:30 PM, Andrew Church
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> wrote:

> Actually, I already finished fixing up the scripts to use the getVars()
> system -- as the enormous diff in my repository can attest to. (:  I'm
> running through them at the moment to find regressions and deal with
> a few variable typos and stuff I caught along the way.  I haven't tried
> a PSP build yet, but I'm hoping it'll cut down on map change time now
> that we don't have to compile every script umpteen times over.  It does
> feel like map changes on the PC are a little faster, though my own
> system is fast enough it's hard to tell the difference.
> I still want to try and find a way to get the scripts working without
> the extra variable table, not so much for performance or anything but
> because I always strive for elegant code (as you may have noticed, heh).
> I think the ultimate solution would be to redesign the scripts to run as
> true threads, in the sense that you start a script and it keeps running
> in a while loop or something until the entity dies or the map changes or
> whatever.  That may be a project for Much Later, though...
>  --Andrew Church
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> >Hmm yeah. So far it seems like making our own local variable system is the
> >way to go...
> >
> >It'd be good  to test it out with a handful of scripts and see what it
> >does... if it's a big improvement, then we could apply it to everything
> >else. It'd just take some grunt work. :)
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