[aquaria] Beta 3!

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sat Jan 23 15:57:22 EST 2010

Beta 3 of Aquaria for Linux is now available.


Before installing the new build, please uninstall the previous version 
by running the uninstall-aquaria.sh script in the game's installation 

Changes in this version:

- Real splash screen in the installer and game icon for desktop (thanks, 
Derek Yu!). I had to log out before Gnome displayed the updated icon, YMMV.
- Build of OpenAL shipped with the game now supports ALSA, OSS, and 
PulseAudio, in case user specified one of these in their config file. 
Game will still use SDL for output by default.
- Fixed music track getting stuck at end of Mithalas Cathedral.
- Will no longer overwrite existing screenshots when taking a new one.
- Fixed OpenAL errors when stopping certain sounds.
- Took out the "we'll use more RAM" warning.
- Fixed several crashes in the audio subsystem.
- Fixed more filename case issues (song door in the Sun Temple now 
exists as you'd expect).

This is very likely the final beta. If you don't feel a problem has been 
properly addressed, now is the time to speak up!


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