[aquaria] Gamepad improvements

Dustin Voss d_j_v at mac.com
Wed Aug 11 06:26:16 EDT 2010

I have finished all the work I originally intended for the “gamepad-gui-access” branch and pushed it to http://bitbucket.org/_Agent/aquaria. As far as I am concerned, it can go into the Icculous repository.

Here is a summary of the changes:

* Access to screen resolution combo box (with the changes you guys suggested).
* Access to songs in song menu.
* Access to food sort button in food menu.
* World map scrolling and zooming, from Andrew Church.
* Access to recipes in recipe book (with the changes you guys suggested).
* Similar treatment of cook and use buttons. Both are now accessible via gamepad navigation, and the cook key config can now trigger the use button as well.
* Key config for drop food, from Andrew Church’s food-drop-action branch.
* Added visual feedback when dropping food. The food appears in the “X” wok and immediately vanishes.
* Page navigation in the save/load menu via the next page and prev page key configs.

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