[aquaria] Troubleshooting Slow Performance

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 20:18:16 EST 2009

Hello list

Here's my hardware:

Core Duo 1.6GHz
Intel GMA 950 (driver: intel 2.9.1, kernel:

And by "slow performance", I mean extremely laggy loading, slower than
the slowest stop-motion short film. The loading bar upon startup is
fine, no hints of what slowness is to come. Only when the logo appears
in a very dodgy manner (i.e frame by frame, i.e not smooth, i.e too
slow), I was crossing my fingers. None of my keypresses were being
honoured until I finally saw the menu appearing (again, in slow-mo),
then the buttons, and then very artistically I managed to click on
"EXIT" and like a surgeon very precisely managed the "YES". After that
I waited another 10 seconds to exit the game.

Tell me, is it Linux screwing with me or the Intel onboard crapping on
me? Stopping compositing made no difference.


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