[airstrike] Trying to Obtain Source Code

Balajee balajeerc at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 04:22:45 EDT 2012

I would like the source code for the airstrike project. However, the SVN 
and development wiki link (http://fluff.dyndns.org/cgi-bin/trac.cgi ) 
specified at http://icculus.org/airstrike/ seems broken.

I grabbed the source package for FreeBSD 
(http://icculus.org/airstrike/airstrike-pre6a-src_freebsd_and_vc7.tar.gz) described 
in the page above and built it successfully. The game runs but the 
planes seem to come crashing to the ground, spinning violently as they 
do so. I am guessing that this is a rather early snapshot since I have 
played Airstrike on Linux before (I am now trying to build on Mac OSX).

Please link me to the SVN/git repository if there is one or point me to 
the latest development snapshot of the source tree.


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