[airstrike] Trying to Obtain Source Code

Eero Tamminen oak at helsinkinet.fi
Sun Jul 1 16:48:17 EDT 2012


On tiistai 26 kesäkuu 2012, uekstrom at gmail.com wrote:
> I will send you the latest source snapshot in private email.
> Unfortunately the game is not really in a finished state, but I have
> not worked on it in many years. It's perhaps a good start if you want
> to use the code or graphics for something.

For example Debian contains earlier release sources for Airstrike,
which had simpler physics and no support for different levels or
most of the scriptable actions included in the latest sources.

The earlier version was a bit more fun for single player though, as
due to simpler game play, it had (could have) a computer player AI.

	- Eero

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