[airstrike] Hi, new to game, didn't find how to play anywhere

Eero Tamminen oak at helsinkinet.fi
Fri Jan 15 14:29:40 EST 2010


On Thursday 14 January 2010, bc wrote:
> Is there a file with what keys to use to operate?

The can be configured from the "defaults" config file which content
looks like this:
player1_control {
  joy_no 2
  joy_threshold 32767

You can configure there also keys (Airstrike accepts both keys and joystick 
at the same time).  From the source you can see which keywords it
accepts in the config file:
      key_conf = conf_section(rc_user_conf(),"player1_control");
      ai->key_accelerate = conf_number(key_conf,"accelerate",SDLK_UP);
      ai->key_break = conf_number(key_conf,"break",SDLK_DOWN);
      ai->key_left = conf_number(key_conf,"left",SDLK_LEFT);
      ai->key_right = conf_number(key_conf,"right",SDLK_RIGHT);
      ai->key_fire = conf_number(key_conf,"fire",SDLK_RSHIFT);
      ai->key_drop = conf_number(key_conf,"drop",SDLK_RCTRL);
      ai->key_suicide = conf_number(key_conf,"suicide",SDLK_BACKSPACE);

You can configure also joystick directions there:
  /* use first joystick for player one, second for player two as default */
  ai->joy_no = conf_number(key_conf,"joy_no",player_nr-1);
  /* default joystick configuration is the same for every player */
  ai->joy_threshold = conf_number(key_conf,"joy_threshold",JOY_THRESHOLD);
  ai->joy_accelerate = conf_number(key_conf,"joy_accelerate",JOY_AXIS1_NEG);
  ai->joy_break = conf_number(key_conf,"joy_break",JOY_AXIS1_POS);
  ai->joy_left = conf_number(key_conf,"joy_left",JOY_AXIS0_NEG);
  ai->joy_right = conf_number(key_conf,"joy_right",JOY_AXIS0_POS);
  ai->joy_fire = conf_number(key_conf,"joy_fire",JOY_BUTTON0);
  ai->joy_drop = conf_number(key_conf,"joy_drop",JOY_BUTTON1);
  ai->joy_suicide = conf_number(key_conf,"joy_suicide",JOY_BUTTON3);

It's many years since I touched airstrike code, but I think the values you
need to use for these things are SDL key values.  Those you can check
from the SDL_keysym.h header which usually resides in /usr/include/SDL/.

	 - Eero

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