[airstrike] airstrike Debian patches

Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Mon May 5 15:46:18 EDT 2008

> All the graphics have PovRay scene descriptions, it's simple just to render
> them to different size.  Some co-ordinates in the level descriptions (game
> object starting positions) need to be modified accordingly.  I could help
> a bit with that.
> Smaller level sizes mean that the game gets harder though because
> there's less space for maneuvers.
I think that all the scenes and the object must to be resized 
proportionally. the problem is only if the plane will become too much 
little. There is to try.
> I've tried Airstrike on Nokia 770 a few years ago.  The speed is quite fine
> even with floating point emulation instead of FPU.  >90% of Airstrike CPU
> usage is taken by SDL blitting, calculating co-ordinates in floating points
> is not really significant.
> The main issue is that (especially current) Airstrike is a multiplayer game.
> How multiple persons can play a game with the same phone keys?
> Adding networking support to Airstrike would solve it, but would be
> significant amount of work.  Should it be client-server or peer-to-peer?
> Do you transfer only player input over network (can have either latency
> or synching issues) or do you synchronize all difference in the game object
> states (like e.g. Nil did)?
The Neo Freerunner phone, has 400MHz processor. It is possible he will 
go well, but how to say: tryng I can tell you more.

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