[airstrike] bug in timing code

Erik Auerswald auerswal at unix-ag.uni-kl.de
Tue Sep 6 05:17:37 EDT 2005


> > The 2.6 kernel uses HZ=1000, so maybe this effect is gone.
> I think it's 250Hz in latest kernel versions... :-)

It's a compile time option with a default of 250 since 2.6.13... :-)

> I'm not sure it makes so much sense to tune the framerate according to a 
> particular kernel with a particular scheduler (in newer kernels you can
> AFAIK pick which one you use).

I second that, especially since the game is not restricted to linux
platforms. But a granularity of 10ms seems to be common, sometimes it
is better, sometimes configurable. Therefore optimizing for a scheduler
granularity of 10ms should help on many systems. So I'd say we should use
a framerate of 33fps.


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