[airstrike] bug in timing code

Erik Auerswald auerswal at unix-ag.uni-kl.de
Fri Sep 2 04:47:28 EDT 2005


> > The comments should be updated and IMHO delays should be specified in
> > the same time unit in the whole code. What unit to use (game frames,
> > 100ms, 10ms or something else) should be discussed and the result
> > documented.
> The documentation should be correct & consistent, but don't see it 
> necessarily a problem if core uses frame based and game engine uses time
> based timings.

Well, you're right that there is no need to change the frame based code
(in fact I had not realized that the game physics are frame based).

> It's just that the FRAMERATE should be handled only in one place in the
> engine/, in schedule.c, currently it's not:
> -----------
> $ grep FRAMERATE */*.c
> core/display.c:    .frame_time = FRAMERATE,
> engine/schedule.c:      *timer = now + delay * FRAMERATE / 10;
> engine/sprite.c:  
> schedule(delay*FRAMERATE/10,SCHED_NORMAL,send_alarm,msg,target);
> tests/testengine.c:  for (idx = 0; idx < 2*FRAMERATE; idx++) {
> ------------
> Rest of the code, the game objects (AIs, sprites etc), should then use the 
> schedule functions and whatever time base they have.

Exactly. I'd say
- move the #define FRAMERATE 30 to schedule.h
- write a frame_time() function and use it in display.c:
  .frame_time = frame_time();
- write a delay_to_frames() function =>
  *time = now + delay_to_frames(delay);
  schedule(delay_to_frames(delay), ...);

I did not work out what the use of FRAMERATE in testengine.c shall
accomplish, so I don't know how to change this (if at all).

> Hm.  Why you've changed the delay values so much (100 to 900 instead of 1000 
> etc.) and to wierd values?
> For example:
> -       sprite_alarm(120, b, msg_kill());
> +       sprite_alarm(1080, b, msg_kill());
> When seeing a value like 1080 in a code, I would immediately wonder about
> the 80 part, is that somehow significant?  :-)

I changed the existing values to the new representation. The current
uses a time base of 90ms, my patch uses a time base of 10ms -> all
values are multiplied by 9 (see my old mail for an explanation of this).

My suggested changes can be seperated in 2 steps:

1) The changes suggested above to make the timing code consistent (incl.
   updating the comments) with a time base of 100ms (what seems to be
   the intended time base at the moment, i.e. delay values would not be
   changed, actual timing would be about 10% slower).
2) Changing the time base to 10ms, adjusting the comments and the

Step 1) does not seem to be controversial, I do not insist on step 2),
but I would prefer it this way. If no one objects I will implement step
1) during the weekend.


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