Airstrike sprite generators

Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at
Tue Mar 29 16:00:28 EST 2005


I've added sprite generators to Airstrike.  Biplane can also die again.

Currently there's only "player" type of sprite generator and game seems to 
hog all RAM at exit after generator has regenerated the sprite.

I noticed that we have a bit of a trouble with circular references in 
Airstrike object "garbage collection".  AIs ref the sprite they guide and
the sprite (biplane) refs the AI.  Biplane derefs its AI only in the kill
method, but that's never called because AI is keeping a reference alive to
the biplane.  I solved this by dereffing the AI immediately when biplane
gets the initial kill message (-> marks itself for cleanup / kill method
call when refcount reaches zero), this might be the reason for the circular
loop at exit.  I'll try to look into it before weekend.


	- Eero

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