[airstrike] Triggers and level ending

Ulf Ekström ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Tue Jul 12 13:23:06 EDT 2005


> I've implemented a simple suicide key in engine/ai.c by using
> msg_set_damage(30) in the player_message() function. I don't like
> the hardcoded damage value, but I do not know how to query the
> hitpoints (or their starting value), therefor I have not yet
> the changes. If someone could tell me how to query the hitpoints I
> do a cleaner implementation.

You can use msg_kill, if you want to kill the sprite completely. This
should be with explosion and stuff, so it will look all right.
Currently there is no way to get number of hitpoints (but maybe there
should be. Tell me if you really need it.).
> Attached is an svn diff of my changes so far.

Looks fine.


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