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Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at
Sun Jan 30 06:49:32 EST 2005

Hi Peter,

I noticed from CVS commits that you've done some minor changes to CVS.
I changed the compat.h define check a bit, can you check whether it still

Please note that latest CVS version of Airstrike doesn't currently work as
well as the version at the end of the year as Ulf and I are still in the
process of converting the sources to the new object system we discussed on
the list a while ago.  There are a couple of bugs left and Ulf hasn't yet
got time to get biplane AI working again (AIs are also used for player
keyboard input...).

I just tracked down and commited fixes to a few of the sprite bugs
(the object system is nice as I can track which object has the problem with
obj->type->name :)).

You will also need the attached patch for a couple of other bugs.  I didn't 
commit them, because I'm not sure whether they are the correct way of
handling the object core stuff.  Ulf mailed that he will back next tuesday
and will then look more into the bugs.

	 - Eero
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