Plane dying?

Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at
Fri Jan 7 15:40:50 EST 2005


How the plane dying is now going to be handled in general?

There might actually be a specific type of generator that creates a new
sprite once the old one has been killed, but does it only for a certain
number of times:
	singleton <tag> <items> <sprite>
(tag is there so that we can activate the generator when needed)

This can be done by checking the object type live count.  However, with 
player planes we have the problem that we need to differentiate them
further, to the type of the actual plane (player 1, player 2)...  This will
make it hard to trigger level end condition in case we would want a duel,
where the level is ended once one of the planes has died a certain number
of times.

Maybe for planes it would be better if they don't actually die, but restart
from the initial position once they've gone through their death sequence?
And they can have a certain number of "lives" they use until they die for
real?   Then trigger could be set to catch either:
- First plane really dying (uses all of it's lives)
- All planes except the last one dying
With the object count trigger this would be trivial to set in the level
file. :-)

If player can move the control from one sprite to another, this will become
more complicated...  Maybe the lives handling and sprite kill/restore logic
should be in the AI?

	- Eero

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