[airstrike] Notes on aiming, generators and triggers

Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at netsonic.fi
Mon Jan 3 02:52:41 EST 2005


> * Add to sprite type structs counters for how many sprites of the given
>   type have been created and killed, and how many of them are live.
>   - Modify these counters when sprites are created/killed (in sprite.c?).
>   - Add clearing of these stats to (to sprite_types.c?) and call that
>     on level unload.
> * Questions:
>   - How non-sprite things can be objects and tagged?
>     This is needed for getting generators and triggers below to work...

I wonder whether it would make sense to have even non-sprite type objects to
have API (struct member) for object type and type specific object counts.
In addition to event triggers, this would help in debugging as gcstats and 
refcount asserts would pinpoint the problem better...

Message API in core objects would help in implementing generators and
triggers as plain objects instead of sprites.

	- Eero

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