[airstrike] problem with bomb collisions

Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at netsonic.fi
Wed Aug 31 16:27:05 EDT 2005


On Wednesday 31 August 2005 22:48, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> > the collision function for bombs is executed 2 times for a bomb hit,
> Executed where?
> > at least when colliding with a biplane or airballon sprite. I did not
> > yet find out why this happens.

Hm.  I've bumbed to problem which manifest a behaviour where something 
happens only each other time.  I wonder is it any way possible that these
could be related:

I have the singleton generator generating a new sprite each time obj_lock()
fails on the obj_id for the previous sprite.   Sprite creation is rate

What seems to happen is this:
0. Rate limit passes through
1. Sprite is created, new rate limit set
    -> sprite gets visible and everything is OK
2. Sprite is killed
    -> ojb_lock(obj_id) fails
3. Rate limit passes through
4. Sprite is created, new rate limit is set
    -> sprite doesn't come visible & obj_lock() on it's id fails
And this loops then to 0.

I.e. for some reason locking each other created sprite doesn't for some
reason work properly.

This can be best tested with the level zero by flying to the fuel barrel
each time it becomes visible again (and it seems to come visible only each
other time a new fuel instance is created).

	- Eero

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