dev-cpp support

Pavel 'xkurt' Martinov xkurt at
Sat Aug 13 08:29:26 EDT 2005

Hey, guys !
First i would like to sorry for my english. It is bad, because i'm from 
Russia. :-)

I recived last revision(49) of yours code and add Dev-Cpp support and 
int main(int argc, const char *argv[]) to int main(int argc, char 
*argv[]) - needed for SDL_main.
Dev-Cpp - GNU IDE for Windows, it is work with mingw-gcc.

But i can't commit my files, because i have not subversion accaunt. 
Please give me it :-).

I think, that i can add net support for this project. I have little 
expirience with network programming under linux&windows and now learn 

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