Airstrike v1.0 (was: airstrike is alive ?)

Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at
Wed Aug 10 16:23:30 EDT 2005


> I (and others, I guess) have been on vacation for a while now,

That too, but also adding more HW support to the Hatari (
emulator. :-)

> but the game is alive!
> We are using the wiki at
> to plan and document the game.
> I am coding right now, and will check in the changes as soon as they
> are finished.

What you're working on currently?

> We are basically trying to get the game ready for a 1.0 
> release.

I took a look at the TODO list in Wiki for v1.0:
- AI for biplanes and other sprites 
- Menu system for configuration (keys, graphics etc) 
- Level selector with thumbnails, should work with joystick and keyboard. 
- In game information on fuel, nr bombs, score etc.
- End of level conditions 
- What is the goal of the game? There should be at least two modes for two
  players, cooperative and deathmatch. Cooperative would be like single
  player but with two planes.
- Deal realistic damage in collisions. 
- At least one type of small but annoying enemy.
  A bit bigger than the birds, but not as big as the zeppelin. 

- Better physics so that we can stack objects, friction. 
- Add more sounds to e.g. collisions. 
- More sprites, more biplane models. 
- Biplane can carry and drop objects (e.g. letters). 
- Trigger objects (e.g. proximity detectors that activate a sprite
- Possibility to transfer AI from one object to another (e.g. from biplane
  to parachute man to dragon). 
- Larger levels (in some sense). 

I think level selector could be moved to 1.1, unless somebody wants to work
on it.  I don't see it so crucial for the actual game play.  In 1.0 levels
can be advanced one after each other.

From the 1.1 list I've already trigger object (including proximity
variation) and I used this to implement ability to set level end conditions
from the level description files, so these can be moved to the "Done" list.

I could look next to adding the co-operative vs. deathmatch option.
I thought that this could be done simplest just by using a differently
named settings file, i.e. the gfx would be the same for each level, but
object and goals (triggers) would change.

	- Eero

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