Fwd: Re: [airstrike] CVS accounts

Ulf Ekström ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Mon May 31 15:46:32 EDT 2004


> > Rule: We talk about large changes before we make them, ok! Specially
> > if you are "fixing" someone elses code.
> It might be enough if one just works on a one's own CVS checkout (instead
> of a branch) and then before commiting stuff to someone else's code mails
> a "cvs diff -ub" of the changes to the code maintainer(s) for OK.   

This sounds excellent, at least for possibly controversial changes.

> For large stuff a bit of a discussion before hand would indeed be good. :-).
> Personally I would prefer this to happen on the mailing list.

Yes, because then people can more easily follow the development of the

> In general as this game has no other "devel" list, I would like this
> list to have all of that.  Ulf, can Icculus provide mailing list archiving
> too?  It would be sometimes nice to refer to an earlier mail.

I will inquire. I would be useful. I don't think we need a special dev
list since the game is anyway at the development stage.

> What about use of C++ style // comments?   C99 would allow them, older
> C standard versions not...

I don't know.. I think we can use them as we mainly support gcc >= 3 and
VC >= 6, both of which support them.
I personally accept them for single line comments and /* */ for multiline.

> > Rule: We do not write for old and broken compilers. There may be some
> > small exceptions.
> >
> > Rule: For inlining we use the INLINE macro.
> I.e. there can be some generic macros/defines added.

Yes. I just added src/core/compat.h for this purpose.
> On the code formatting, IMHO it's enough that one follows the conventions
> in the corresponding C-file.   Ulf prefers 2 space indentation with GNU 
> conventions (right?) whereas I've used on my own source files what's
> recommended for the Linux kernel (I've used GNU style earlier, but with
> larger projects I've come to prefer this):
> 	http://lxr.linux.no/source/Documentation/CodingStyle
> Which one we should recommend as default? :-)

Ehm, eh, let just not say anything on this point. The most prolific
programmer wins in the long run, I guess.
> Ulf, could you add link to list of these rules to the Airstrike www-page
> and/or airstrike module root?

Sure, I'll try to write something.
> > Maybe we should standardize on typename_t everywhere? I know I used
> > struct blah somtimes, I will start to change it in places.
> One more rule...



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