New objects (guided missile etc)

Eero Tamminen oak at
Tue May 4 16:44:00 EDT 2004


I just added following objects to Airsrike CVS:
- hippo (level 2)
- asteroid (level 3)
- ufo (comes from level 4 bonus)
- missile (comes from ufo)
- hangar (on level 6)

I re-organized the bonuses a bit so one needs to make & install
the POV stuff after building sources and before trying this stuff.

- hippo triggers a bug in Airstrike which manifests in collision checking
  immediately after level 2 starts
- ufo doesn't rotate & balance as it should
- missile doesn't have all the fancy guidance & rotation stuff
  from Ulf's "wide-screen" Airstrike test version

I'm leaving the fixing of these upto Ulf. :-)

Next I'm going to look into adding bonus configuration option
into level files, so that we can have a bonus machine on each
level which spits out just the specified bonuses.

	- Eero

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