summer slowness

Ulf Ekström ulfek at
Sat Jun 19 17:43:23 EDT 2004

I just wanted to wish everyone on the northern hemisphere a nice
summer (if there are any southern people on this list I guess you
should have a happy winter as well), and say that I will be gone for a
while. I am working a bit on rewriting the level settings language a
bit so that we can do more things in the settings files. Current
TODO's for airstrike are (at least):

** We should move to povray 3.6. I expect everything to work, but
if someone would like to try it would be nice.

** We need new plane sprites. Everyone is welcome.

** We need a user interface for the game. 

** AI

** More plane options, such as bombs and different kinds of bullets.

** Better physics in collisions with rotating object. If you think
you can do this please email me in private, it's a bit tricky..

** Better game structure, game goals etc. Make the game playable. Hard
to do all of, but it should not be hard to make progress in this area.

** Finish the portability fixes and set up the make system perfectly.

** Game installation on different platforms, how do we do that?

Hope you all have a nice whatever period you have, I'm off to
the beach..


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