[airstrike] two player mode now working

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Sun Jun 6 16:37:50 EDT 2004


> Hi all. I have added two player support back into the game. The keys are
> now: Player 1: Arrow keys+right ctrl
> Player 2: w,s,a,d+space
> Level 6 has two players in different colored planes. Support for
> different plane models have been added to sprites/biplane.c. The models
> are selected (at the moment) from the level file:
> sprite{
> 	type = biplane
> 	variant = "red baron"
> 	ai = player2
> 	...
> }
> The blue plane is called "blue duke" for now. The variant keyword
> can easily be used also for other sprite types if we have any ideas.

It looks good :-).

A POV model from the plane wreck (whether it's red or blue) is missing,
I wonder whether anybody could work on that?

From the usability point of view a couple of things are still missing:
- Player dying:
  - IMHO engine shouldn't work (and addition to machine gun) when
    the plane has been wrecked.  Control could otherwise work though.
  - How / where player is supposed to be "reborn"?
   - Should the sprite field have a field for "regen" position or should we
     have generator objects?
   - How to define them so that in settings file one can still give all the
    current options for the objects to generate?
- Score counting
- Computer (AI) for single player mode.
  - I would assume adding the one from earlier version of Airstrike as
    biplane controller should  be fairly easy now that infrastructure is in
    place, right?
  - Should this be controlled from the level file (i.e. we would have single
    player levels and two player levels), or from the command line?
    If from command line, it would probably affect all the levels, with e.g.
    -ais player1,player2,ai1,ai2
    -names "Player 1","Player 2","Blue Duke","Red Baron"
    And it would of course complain if number of ais and names wouldn't
    correspond.  Ai names would be pre-defined so that ones starting with
    "player" would be controlled from keyboard, ones with "ai" would be
    computer AI (In Airstrike 2 we might have "net" AIs too :-)))


	- Eero

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