[airstrike] [Fwd: Re: Bug in mech.c]

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Tue Jun 1 16:21:03 EDT 2004


> 2) Changes in: sprites/bonus.c, sprites/draco.c, sprites/zeppelin.c
> Description:
> I changed '|=' and '&=' in '=', I do not understand where difficult to
> understand construction like |= and &= are necessary in the source code
> of this sprites. I know what the mean but it seems to me that they are
> not necessary. I replaced them and tested them to see of there where
> different results, but I any case the results are the same (equal or
> one).
> I don’t think it’s necessary to place them back.

I reverted all of them.  You had changed the Zeppelin behavior, it didn't 
anymore turn around when it's direction changed (it can be tested
on level 4).

The real problem with enum flags is now fixed like Ulf suggested.

There was no real harm done.  You had commented you commits excellently
so I could easily check out them from the CVSweb.

In the future it would be good first to present the problem and propose a
solution on the mailing list before actually commiting anything. :-)

	- Eero

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