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Tue Jun 1 08:34:54 EDT 2004

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Onderwerp: Re: Bug in mech.c
Van:       machiel at bsdfreaks.nl
Datum:     Ma, 31 mei, 2004 10:51 am
Aan:       Ulf Ekström <ulfek at ifm.liu.se>

I have read the comment of Ulf Ekström and Eero Tamminen, I saw that there
was also fixed some stuff.

At this moment I do not have MS Visual Studio installed, so I can’t make
changes in the source code for this moment.  This problem will be solved I
a couple of day’s

1) Problem in: engine/levels.c and engine/msg_types.h


Some cast problems depending on MS compiler, fixex by Eero. I will look at
them when I have MS Studio installed.

2) Changes in: sprites/bonus.c, sprites/draco.c, sprites/zeppelin.c


I changed '|=' and '&=' in '=', I do not understand where difficult to
understand construction like |= and &= are necessary in the source code of
this sprites. I know what the mean but it seems to me that they are not
necessary. I replaced them and tested them to see of there where different
results, but I any case the results are the same (equal or one).

I don’t think it’s necessary to place them back.

3) Problem in engine/mech.c


Problem with a return value on a void function. I comment out the function
and just give an empty return. That was ugly because the execution of the
function is a part of the game. I saw that Eero fixed this problem. When I
have my studio I will look at this point.



Eero did also added some OS specific ifdefs, I will look at the later.

- Machiel Mastenbroek

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