Airstrike questions (level bonuses)

Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at
Tue Dec 28 17:28:32 EST 2004


> The question is because I'm considering use of an AI instead of code in
> sprite for the "follow" bonus (currently birds and zeppelin can do this).
> When player catches a certain bonus, that would then tag the player
> sprite for that follow bonus. I'm not sure when/how I would change the
> co. sprite AIs though, existing birds should follow the player only when
> he's tagged. Earlier this is done by setting the player sprite to a
> global variable which these sprites check in the update method. Now they
> should probably check the variable to see which AI they should use...

One more question...

Should the bonus information parsed from the level settings:
- bonuses enabled for the level
And game state for:
- bonuses currently active
- global_aim for objects
be part of a level struct or just something global like I had it originally

(I CC'd the list too in case others are interested :-))

	- Eero

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