[airstrike] Recent changes.

Lutz-Peter Hooge lpvader at gmx.de
Sun Dec 5 17:38:01 EST 2004

On Sun, 5 Dec 2004 23:28:00 +0100, Ulf Ekström <uekstrom at gmail.com> wrote:

> obviously only a temporary solution). In linux it should work if you run it from
> src/, in windows this has to be fixed in the code.

Tried that, still get the error about the assertion.

> At the start the program tries to chdir() to the share directory. As
> far as I know there is no chdir()
> function under windows (It's called something else, or?). Therefore we
> implement our own chdir() in src/core/compat.c.  However this is onlydone for Unix systems. If anyone would like to do it for windows Iwould be happy.

I can do that.


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