[airstrike] Compilation Errors

Ulf Ekström ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Thu Apr 29 16:31:35 EDT 2004

> Um... I'm getting a guilty feeling now.  As I changed the "int x, int y" to
> "vector_t pos" in sound.[ch], it now depends on "maths.h", which is not
> in core.
> Should I change it back?  (vector_t pos is floats instead of ints...)

I could be int's there I think. 

Regarding the list: I think it's ok to have these kind of devel
messages (ok, maybe not this low level, but anyway) messages on the
list since it shows what is happening and we anyway don't have a
playable version so there is no reason for non-developers to subscribe.
If you graphics people have a different opinion we could create
an airstrike-devel, but if noone says anything we keep going like


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