Airstrike engine questions?

Eero Tamminen oak at
Sun Apr 25 12:14:17 EDT 2004


While porting the old objects back to CVS version, I got a few questions:

- What is Airstrike frame rate?
  (so that I can calculate the alarm times)

- What are the differencies between different sprite groups:
  - bg_mech_group
  - mech_group
  - bullet_group
  - effects_group
  - foreground_group
  - ui_group
They are painted on screen in this order, but is there any other difference,
e.g. performance wise?

I was also wondering whether it would be worthwhile to change
sprite_alarm() to accept (e.g.) milliseconds instead of frames:
- Makes programming objects easier (game can calculate instead of
  the programmer when the alarm should go off)
- If framerate is going to change, it needs to be changed only in one place

Would there be any problems with this?  E.g. rate_limit() should probably
be changed then too.

	- Eero

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