[airstrike] Fed up with red plane having infinite bombs

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Fri Apr 23 16:24:26 EDT 2004


> I discovered airstrike yesterday, played it with a friend. The red plane
> has infinite bombs, this is not a good thing at all.

I guess that refers to the earlier, playeable version of Airstrike.
Current CVS version of Airstrike doesn't support bombs yet :-).

> In case you had forgotten to correct this "bug", here are my
> modifications (full file at ah34.free.fr)
> I still wonder why it was not corrected years ago ...

Well, at the moment there are currently some more significant
gaps in the gameplay which were a result of the game code

There was no development last summer (it was a *nice* summer :-))
or fall, but development has been picking up speed lately.

Some things which haven't been yet been added back to the
game after Ulf's refactoring:
- Other planes
- AI player
- bombs, fuel, bonuses...

This is not necessarily a large job (Ulf may correct me on this
because he's the one doing this, I'm just doing some POV stuff
& objects :)), but there are still some other things that need to
be done to the level code before that.

On the gameplay front we've discussed a bit of a possibility to
transfer player control from one object (e.g. plane) to another
(parachute, dragon etc).  The main problem is how to effectively
express this in the level file so that it maps cleanly to the code.

 What's better in the new code:
- we can have multiple levels and levels are separate from the
  actual game
- better physics engine (plane behaves more realistically)
- more modular game source code
- 90% of the gfx (including level backgrounds) can now
  be automatically built from POV sources, and there's more
  of it

Something that will hopefully soon appear is generators, objects
which generate other objects (e.g. birds, bonuses). 

	- Eero

Btw. At one time in the between there was the feature of
larger than screen levels (with tiled background) but it's
now removed because gameplay is better with completely
visible play area (Airstrike doesn't support split view). :-)

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