[airstrike] What's up Doc?

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Tue Sep 23 16:33:48 EDT 2003


> > Hm.  My summer vacation's coming up, I should some time during
> > that.  If not then, at least in fall :-).

Ok, it's fall... :-)

I might have some time in next weeks, so I'm interested has there been
any progress / whether you've still got time for Airstrike?

Could you repost the release features priority list?

> > > The thing I really should do is to get some more open CVS server and
> > > give you (and anyone else who is interested) an account. I'll see if
> > > I can find some nice place to host the project (probably
> > > sourceforge).
> >
> > Is there a problem with Icculus.org CVS?
> No, not really. The problem is that I can't create accounts, so it would
> be better to have it in a place where we have more freedom.

There have been some problems at Sourceforge... :-)

	- Eero,	http://koti.welho.com/kmattil4/

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