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Joshua joshua at
Thu Nov 6 18:26:25 EST 2003


I listened to the Airstrike.mp3 from the website. It sounds really nice. 
I have a couple of ideas for some music tracks. One for the title (or 
some other) screen, and then one for in-game play. That's what I have so 
far, but I'm experimenting, and I'll probably send some links to oggs 
within a few days to see what you think.

I have a few thoughts about the game in general, too.

I tried the development snapshots, and I think I really prefer the 
single-screen Airstrike. But, of course, it needs a lot more levels, 
tougher enemies, etc. I really like your ideas, Ulf:

> I imagine the main map showing a landscape reminding us of southern
> Germany or Switzerland. On each hill or mountain top there lives a
> baron, a marquise or some other biplane-piloting maniac (The Red Baron
> being the final boss of course). The player(s) fly around conquering
> different levels. The might also be a village where new parts for the
> planes can be bought.

I think your idea about the Nintendo-style map is good, but I do understand that it would be a lot of work in the graphics department. I was thinking about a sort of animation between levels. Maybe after defeating a baddie, a message could be put in the center of the screen, proclaiming your "Victory!" Then, the plane would zoom off the screen with a trail of smoke behind. What do you think? I've also got a question about the bonuses. Do they actually do anything? I have yet to notice any effects from collecting the bonuses. 

About having two game styles...I for one don't favor either a cutesy or arcade style. I like the more serious, "We're at war, here..." type of feeling. Of course, the cutesy style would be optional, I'm sure... :) 

Those are just my thoughts. I'd really like to help the project in any way I can. I'd really like to help with coding, but my skills aren't up to par just yet. But maybe becoming familiar with the Airstrike code is a good way to increase my skill. :) 

Joshua K.
joshua at

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