[airstrike] Airstrike Music

Ulf Ekström ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Tue Nov 4 14:57:38 EST 2003

Hi all!

> Music is good and it can always be optional.  Would it be possible to get it
> in e.g. mod format, or do you use something more CPU intensive like ogg?

Yes! We can never go wrong with more music. There is already one piece
of music for the title/highscore scene, but we could use some
(actaully a lot of) music to have in-game. I'll put the existing track
on the webpage tonight. I think we can use ogg's, mod music get kind
of irritating after a while (with apologies to the purists out there).

> Btw. Ulf hasn't been active for a couple of months, I hope he's still
> online...

He is, only very silently <cthulhu joke goes here>. I've been a bit
busy with life and everything, but I'd like to start working on the
game again. Here are some loose ideas:

I felt the game was becoming too complicated with scrolling levels and
all; in a sense we moved away from the original Biplanes ideals. I
believe that whoever wants to work the most decides what to do, and I
might not be able to put in a lot of time, but I have this suggestion:

We go back to only single screen levels, with higher resolution or
slightly smaller planes so that we can fit a bit more stuff on the
screen. On each screen the player meets an enemy for a dogfight, and
cannot leave the screen until the enemy is defeated. Between levels
the player moves with the plane on a map, Nintendo style. By winning
some levels the player can get better weapons or faster planes or
whatever. We of course keep all the objects we have made so far. This
way we can allow multiplayer games on the same screen, as well as
network play. It will also make the level format much easier to
maintain, basically we just have a few png-images for each level.

I imagine the main map showing a landscape reminding us of southern
Germany or Switzerland. On each hill or mountain top there lives a
baron, a marquise or some other biplane-piloting maniac (The Red Baron
being the final boss of course). The player(s) fly around conquering
different levels. The might also be a village where new parts for the
planes can be bought. I tried to make a Povray scene of this, but it sucks
at the moment.


Regarding the engine: I have rewritten the physics engine again. I
know this is not what the game needs :)


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