Sound guy/gal wanted!

Ulf Ekström ulfek at
Thu Jan 30 13:22:29 EST 2003

Hi all.  

Since my incredibly crappy soundcard doesn't let me run and decent
sound editor, and since the game need good and 'homogeneous' sounds I
am looking for someone to be sound maintainer for Airstrike. This is
fun work, and consists of finding sound effects, massaging them in a
sound editor (Audacity for Linux for example) and making them play at
the right moment in the game.

If you have any musical talent you are also most welcome to add music
to the game. I currently have one musician working on a tune, but more is
better in this case.

By the way there will be a new release this weekend, featuring new
(and working) bonuses, pines, homing missiles and some other various
improvements. It is still not a release version, because I think that
sounds are a must for it to deserve this title, but it's getting


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