[airstrike] Strange things when "fixing" (?) things & install target

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Tue Feb 4 02:18:45 EST 2003


> | -#define ROOT_CONFIG_FILE "airstrikerc"
> | +#define ROOT_CONFIG_FILE "/etc/airstrikerc"

I think default game configuration file should be under share/...,
not in /etc/ (and the one where the info is saved from game
would of course be ~/.airstrikerc). So the order of checking
for the configuration file would be:
- home dir
- current dir
- installation path for 'share' files

> |  # The path where the program looks for its data files
> | -datapath "data"
> | +datapath "/usr/share/games/airstrike/data"

As default things compiled from sources should
be installed under /usr/local/.  Easiest would be if
the Makefile install target would pipe the configuration
file through 'sed' which converts DESTDIR strings
in config file to point to directory set in the Makefile.

	- Eero

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