Icefloat problems

Eero Tamminen oak at
Mon Apr 28 09:19:06 EDT 2003


> > I'm having a bit of problems with my icefloat.  I thought that
> > it would float on water, but water that looks OK in perspective,
> > looks like nothing with orthogonal view.
> Mm, I know. What do you think of the animation I sent you some time
> ago?  It was not perfects, but it was ok from orthogonal view I
> think.

Yes, I was wondering why you didn't use surface normals .-).
I might also try a box with x-aligned cylinders clipped off the top to
make waves.

> We can put some small pieces of ice floating in it also.  The
> floats you made looks a bit like those huge glacier edges. Maybe the
> level can look a bit like this:
>    glacier   		  	       	    another glacier edge
> ______ 	      iceberg  	       	       	    __________
>      / 	      /\       	 icefloats     	    \ 	     /
>      | 	   /\/ 	\      	______ 	    ___	     | 	    |  	 ......
>      |~~~~/~~~~~~\~~~~~\~~~~~~/~~~~\~~~/~~~~~|      |~~~
> I think your icefloats would make great glaciers, and this would also
> be where the buildings etc are located. The icefloats can be simple
> povray prisms, as they will only be a few pixels think IMO. They can
> also wobble a bit when hit.

Sounds good!

Maybe it should be designed so that the computer planes can "navigate"
it without being trapped by the the scenery?

> Icebergs can maybe be blobs or heightfields.

I think terraform will be of help there :-)

> > Btw. If you have good ice/snow color, I would be interested!
> This is tricky, I'll try to come up with something. Maybe a
> combination of color and bumpmap will do it, but the lightning is also
> very important.

Using transparency might help too...

> We also need some flying creatures/machines, after all this is a flying
> game. We can use your bird, and I can try to make a "Lunnefågel" (I
> don't know the english name), a northern bird with black and white
> body and a colorful beak. Can you think of something else flying
> around in the arctic?

Flying fish?
Leaping whales?
Icicles and snowballs?
Industrial strenght northern lights?

I'll try next improving the polar bear and start experimenting with
igloo and flying fish (and whatever penguin death you think is
suitable :-)).

	- Eero

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