[airstrike] Airstrike Win32

Eismann Peter peter.eismann at siemens.com
Wed Oct 30 01:43:54 EST 2002

Hi Ulf and Arne,

Because of the problems with the VC7 dll, I will switch to the MinGW compiler too.
(But I will compile it on my machine also with VS7 (compare the performance between the two compilers)

Arne, please compile it in the meantime (maybe also for the pre4 version). Thanks Arne.


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From: Ulf Ekström [mailto:ulfek at ifm.liu.se]
Sent: 29 October 2002 17:16
To: airstrike at icculus.org
Subject: Re: [airstrike] Airstrike Win32

It is at least good to know that it compiles (and runs?)
Did you have to change any code to make it compile? If so please
send a patch so that it can be fixed in CVS.

One question to you and also to Peter:
Is it a problem that I use '/' in paths?


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