[airstrike] Please help tuning the aerodynamics.

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Sun Nov 24 16:21:53 EST 2002

> > when dropping backwards because planes are aerodynamically
> > designed to go forward :-), but at least turning should still have
> > *some* effect when the plane is going (dropping) backwards...
> Ok, I'll add a parameter for the backwards case also. What I don't
> understand is how this is used in real life. Do they actually fall with
> the tail towards the the earth?

If I remember correctly, yes!

You go almost straight up until your engine begins to stall, then you
close throttle and drop on your tail until you've gotten a bit of speed,
turn your nose back down and open full throttle.  It's used to surprise
less capable pilots (or more likely, to do flying circus stunts). :-))

	 - Eero

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