my airstrikerc

ungarlando at ungarlando at
Sun Nov 24 09:21:00 EST 2002

I feel quite happy with the following blue plane:

blueplane.engine_strength 6
# 4 is emergency, 7 is powerful, 8 is turbo
blueplane.bomb_delay 1000
blueplane.bullet_delay 140
blueplane.hitpoints 15
blueplane.mass 1
blueplane.turn_amount 0.015
blueplane.air_turnrate 0.0001
blueplane.air_isotropic 0.00003
blueplane.air_normal 0.0015

except that I don't like how it behaves in backward flight (It has a
papersheet-like behaviour, nice but IMHO not appropriate to a plane)

average dt sticks around 30, and stddev is very situation-dependent, but
usually keeps below 1. Anyway, all animation show up correctly. The
machine is a celeron 1300. I'll test with a K6-2 350 as soon as I have
linux on it.

The walking flying and ketchuping parachute man is coming soon. :)


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