[airstrike] Please help tuning the aerodynamics.

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Sat Nov 23 12:34:56 EST 2002

> The game now has a new aerodynamic 'model', but I don't really
> know how we like the planes to behave. I know there are different
> opinions on this topic, so I invite you to tweak the parameters
> yourself and post your opinions here.

These seem OK for me:
blueplane.engine_strength 5
blueplane.mass 1
blueplane.turn_amount 0.012
blueplane.air_turnrate 0.00005
blueplane.air_isotropic 0.00005
blueplane.air_normal 0.004

Btw. I still can't do an Immelman because I can't turn the plane
while it drops on it's tail.  IMHO the plane should be a bit
like a boat, i.e. the faster you go in relation to the air/stream,
more the effect plane flaps should have.  Possible a bit less
when dropping backwards because planes are aerodynamically
designed to go forward :-), but at least turning should still have
*some* effect when the plane is going (dropping) backwards...

	 - Eero

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