walking guy

ungarlando at libero.it ungarlando at libero.it
Wed Nov 20 17:34:10 EST 2002

Ulf, you are perfectly right, since I promised to create that sprite and
did not do it yet.
I don't think it is difficult: it is small and there is no complex
animation to put in. The only problem is that I had exams, and will have
the last one tomorrow. I am also busy preparing stuff for the linux day
(This Saturday - Italian-only day to promote linux with stands
everywhere  in italy managed by LUGs and such). Maybe I will show
airstike off, too.
I promise I will create it before monday. If I don't do, mail me and
remember me to do it.
Now, I don't have even time to write more (and maybe better?).
See you soon.

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