[airborne] Airborne 1.2 linux server now available...

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Fri Jan 11 16:09:08 EST 2008

Hello Ryan

The few people of us who tried to follow this game posted you one or two

There was no answer

Why download this game if nobody can give any kind of support?

Is Ryan Gordon / Icculus, a company that is hired by some big EA Activision
that do have money so they pay well the Ryan company, or you are alone and
do everything for free? Then I will not search personnaly to bore you with
my silly questions



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Objet : [airborne] Airborne 1.2 linux server now available...

...just in time for 1.3 to arrive, I'm sure (we'll keep this better 
synchronized in the future).

It's a large download (1.4 gigabytes!), as the 1.2 patch changed a lot 
of data files. To upgrade, you should just be able to stop your server, 
unpack this archive so it overwrites the appropriate files, and restart 
the server.

Ever-growing list of mirrors is here:



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