[airborne] Remote

Mark Andersen mark at uplink.dk
Thu Dec 6 16:28:04 EST 2007

I have the same problem.

Actually, my airborne server seems to ignore my IP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and 
Port=xxxxx settings in MOHADedicatedServer.ini - Which I have placed 
together with the other .ini files, in 

I can only make it bind to a specific IP, when I give it as a 
commandline argument.

I have tried specifying -remoteport=10002 on the commandline aswell, but 
that doesn't seem to work either.

sockstat, my server is running freebsd btw, tells me mohaserver is 
listening on UDP 10000 and another port which seems to be randomized 
each time i restart the server. What is this? I tried connecting there 
from the Dedicated remote utility using a windows machine, but it didn't 
let me on.



Support Eliott Ness wrote:
> I have some difficulties to make the game open the remote admin port
> Is there a trick ?
> Regards
> Sami

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