physfs  3.0.1
Data Fields
PHYSFS_ArchiveInfo Struct Reference

Information on various PhysicsFS-supported archives. More...

#include <physfs.h>

Data Fields

const char * extension
const char * description
const char * author
const char * url
int supportsSymlinks

Detailed Description

Information on various PhysicsFS-supported archives.

This structure gives you details on what sort of archives are supported by this implementation of PhysicsFS. Archives tend to be things like ZIP files and such.

Not all binaries are created equal! PhysicsFS can be built with or without support for various archives. You can check with PHYSFS_supportedArchiveTypes() to see if your archive type is supported.
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Field Documentation

◆ author

const char* PHYSFS_ArchiveInfo::author

Person who did support for this archive.

◆ description

const char* PHYSFS_ArchiveInfo::description

Human-readable archive description.

◆ extension

const char* PHYSFS_ArchiveInfo::extension

Archive file extension: "ZIP", for example.

◆ supportsSymlinks

int PHYSFS_ArchiveInfo::supportsSymlinks

non-zero if archive offers symbolic links.

◆ url

const char* PHYSFS_ArchiveInfo::url

URL related to this archive

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