Map Converter’s Checklist


The following is a list of things to look for, do, or be aware of when converting a pre-existing CTF map to Q3:TA game types.

· New file name. Don’t overwrite your old CTF map.

· If you want to convert an existing Q3A CTF map to the team arena game types, it would be good to make a clean break from Q3A. Give it a new file name and even a new map name. We did the same for our original CTF maps.

· If you don’t already have one, build a central “neutral” area in keeping with the style of the rest of the map. This is an important play area, perhaps even more so than the bases. Make the opportunities for gameplay here just as exciting as the flag bases.

· Fix-up Time. This is your opportunity to fix all those things that players have been telling you are wrong with your map (sticky spots, bad hallway connections, misaligned textures, poor item placement). The id guys did it, so can you. It’s also a good time to read or re-read the Q3Radiant section on optimizing maps for bots (you may want to look for the recent updates that accompany the bspc tool). Pay particular attention to placement of clip brushes and cluster portals. If players can’t reach an area of the map (such as sky above ceiling grills, or beyond window bars, fill the unreachable space with clip brush - just walling it off is often worse than doing nothing.

· Add Team Power-ups in or near bases.

· Place .md3 powerup pad bases beneath Power-ups

· Remove “ow” marks from floors that were used as weapon locators. Replace them with the base floor for that texture. You may also be able to simplify the geometry.

· Place Weapon pad markers (use the pfbs) beneath weapon spawns.

· Consider adding new weapon types or replacing existing ones with the new weapons. Don’t just do it because they are new, though. Make sure the weapon is appropriate to the map. If you don’t like a weapon or it’s effect on play, don’t add it to your map.

· Replace old Q3A CTF banners with new Q3: TA banners. Use the banner prefabs (pfbs) for ease of placement.

· Consider adding team logos as decals (see FLOOR ARROWS above) to other parts of the map, like walls and floors.

· Make sure that the team logos on banners and floors; walls, etc. have the proper facing. You should be able to properly read the word “red” or “blue” on the placeholder logo.

· Add in the flag bases and obelisks. Follow directions noted above (page 9) to mark them for gameplay types.


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