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29 September 2008

No one reads this page, so if you are reading it you by definition do not
exist. Take comfort in this realization.

Since getting a job and a non-Linux computer I haven't really been interested
in all of the ports or things I was supposed to do for people. If I count
there are probably 10 projects I was supposed to do for someone at some point
and just never finished.

As a result of this, a couple of guys who have been involved in the Open Source
community surrounding Raven's games for a while have taken my hhexen project
and made some improvements to it. And I'm glad, though it was a bit of a
surprise. It gives me the freedom to take my git repositories for Heretic and
Hexen in a new direction. Hopefully one that's more in line with my current

Just off the top of my head, the things I'm interested in right now for a home
project are the Python programming language and S60 smart phones. I'm hoping
I'll put out something involving either of those sometime, but no promises. No
promises anymore, ever.

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