FatELF: Universal Binaries for Linux.

The proof-of-concept virtual machine download page.

Overview - Notes - Download


Below is a download link to a VMware virtual machine to show off the FatELF concept in action. It should be usable with VMware Workstation or VMWare Player on Linux or Windows, or VMware Fusion on Mac OS X.

What we did is take separate x86 and amd64 installs of Ubuntu 9.04 and glued them together, so (almost) every binary on the system is a FatELF binary. The Grub menu at bootup will let you choose a 32-bit or 64-bit kernel, and both will use the same root filesystem. All the binaries, shared libraries, and kernel modules are FatELF files, and will run as expected for the CPU arch you booted.

The VM will autologin to the desktop on startup, but if you need it, the username/password is fatelf/fatelf, and it has sudo permission.



The virtual machine can be downloaded here.