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                See D1X.TXT for details on some features                 See D1X.TXT for details on some features
 v1.40     3-10-1998  v1.50     xx-xx-xxxx
    -gl_texmagfilt and -gl_texminfilt to specify OpenGL texture filters.  See
    for a full description of the possible options.  GL_NEAREST is the default for
    both parameters.  If you just want a quick rundown: GL_NEAREST will give you
    the original look and feel of descent, just at higher res, and it is also the
    fastest.  GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST will give you the effect used in most
    recent games, which causes bluring of textures, reducing moire effects but
    also causes, well.. blurriness, and may be slower.  (mipmapping is only
    available on the min filter, of course.)
    -gl_mipmap is equivalant to
     "-gl_texmagfilt GL_LINEAR -gl_texminfilt GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST"
    -gl_simple is equivalant to
     "-gl_texmagfilt GL_NEAREST -gl_texminfilt GL_NEAREST"
    OpenGL support.  Works with both GLX and WGL.
   v1.40     09-01-1999
  -nocdaudio to disable cd audio   -nocdaudio to disable cd audio
  -nobans to not read ban file   -nobans to not read ban file
  -savebans to automatically save new bans after games   -savebans to automatically save new bans after games

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